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Wood Kids Toys

This is a children's educational puzzle set that includes six pieces: a circle, a cross, a triangle, a square, a hatched circle, and a hatched cross, the set is top-quality for young students who need to learn geometry and who yearn to create and enjoy playing with toys and games.

Wood Kids Toys Amazon

This set of wooden toys and puzzles is a first rate way to teach your children about numbers and math, the toy jigsaw puzzle is in an unique Wood shape that allows your children to learn about numbers and numbers. The toys are in different colors and there is a place for your child to store their puzzle, this set of toys is a peerless alternative to teach your children about number and math. This 4-piece set of wooden toys is valuable for children aged 4-6 years old! With this set, they can learn about alphabets, numbers, shapes, and animals, plus, they can create toys with this set! This is game for the whole family! Players take on a trading game of Wood cups and balls. With each play, they need to find the next number in the game, how many balls get found? You get the idea. The aim of the game is to get all the balls in the cup before the timer runs out, is based on the idea of playing to win, by winning the game first. There are two different types of balls: soft and hard, the player with the most balls in the cup after the set time, in addition, the player can get any number of balls by playing with any number of balls. Does not carry this, but we highly recommend the game, this kids playground is top-rated for playing and exploring! The swing slide is a splendid alternative to take your children to a place of structure and a need for balance. The chalk wall is a fantastic addition to a room for writing or note taking, the canopy is sensational for processing or taking up space in the room. The rock wall is prime for adding character to a room and the cedar is beautiful and sturdy.